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RULES for Club House, Course, Pool, Golf Cart
Table of Contents


  1. Club House Rules…………………2
  2. Official Course Rules…………….2
  3. Swimming Pool Rules…………..3
  4. Golf Cart Rules……………………..4

Club House Rules

The Club House and all facilities of the Club are for the use, entertainment, and enjoyment of the Members and their families. This should be a prime factor in considering any request for use of the Club House. House Rules are promulgated by and may, from time to time, be changed by the House and Grounds Committee.

1. The Club Office is restricted to Club business only and is private.

2. The “19th Hole Grill” shall be open only during the hours posted by the Club Manager.

3.  The ballroom may be rented by a Member for a private party under the following conditions:

  1. A fee, designated by the Club Manager, must be paid in advance with a signed contract.
  2. The rental fee does not include use of the grounds, the golf course, or the pool.
  3. The attendance of Guests and the responsibilities of the Member renting the ballroom shall be in accordance with Article V of the By-Laws.
  4. The Club Manager or a Manager Designee must be present in the Club House during all private parties.

4. Decorations, which may, in any way, cause damage to the premises being decorated, are not allowed.

5. No one wearing a bathing suit or other swimwear shall be allowed in the Club House at any time.

6. The Club Manager will set the regular hours during which the Club House will be open, and those hours will likely vary with the season.  Hours will be posted, and notice of any changes will be posted and emailed to members by the Club Manager.

Official Course Rules

1. All play shall be governed by the USGA Rules of Golf. Local rules may be established by the Tournament Committee, from time to time, to accommodate specific circumstances or conditions, and, when published shall take precedence over the USGA Rules of Golf. Players should check the Pro Shop Bulletin Board for temporary rules.

2. Appropriate attire is required at all times on Club property. Specifically, on the golf course and in the Pro Shop, men shall wear shirts with collars and women shall wear shirts, blouses or equivalent cover-up. Men shall wear shorts of adequate length, or trousers. Women shall wear shorts of adequate length, skirts, or trousers. Juniors under the age of 10 years are not required to wear a collared shirt. No one wearing a bathing suit shall be allowed on the golf course or in the Pro Shop. No one will be allowed on any green, including the practice green, barefooted.  At the Pro Shop’s discretion, shirts with a crew or banded collar may be permitted.  Tee shirts, tank tops or muscle shirts are not permitted.

3. No one under 18 years of age will be allowed to loiter in the Men’s or Women’s locker rooms.

4. Fivesomes will be allowed only at the Pro Shops discretion.

5. Players must maintain their starting position on the course.  The position of a group on the golf course is measured by the group in front of them, not the group behind them.  The Pro shop may ask a group that is more than one hole out of position to skip a hole to get back in position or allow the group behind them to play through.  

6. Players starting on any tee other than the first must have permission of the Pro Shop.

7. Players are expected to keep the golf course clean. Players are requested not to drop cigarette butts, especially filter cigarette butts, on greens or fringes. Tobacco chewers are requested not to spit on greens or tees.

8. No carts, pull or motor-driven, are allowed on the greens or fringes. Motor driven carts must be kept at least 50 feet from the greens and must remain on cart paths when traveling past yellow lines/posts or other markings which prohibit cart traffic.

9. Replace all divots on tees and fairways, or fill with sand.

10. Repair your ball pitch mark (and one other!) when on greens and fringes.

11. Any player entering a bunker must rake the bunker upon leaving.

12. All players must register with the Pro Shop prior to beginning play.

13.  Tee times may be made up to two weeks in advance.

Rain Check Policy

Rain Checks will be issued to paid customers in the event of unforeseen inclement weather.

  • The rain checks will be issued based upon if you play 4 holes or less you will recive a 18 hole Rain Check . 
  • If you play more than 4 and less than 12 you will recive a 9 Hole Rain Check
  • If you play 13 Holes or more  NO RAIN CHECK WILL BE ISSUED
  • Any round started in inclement weather, meaning it is raining when you begin your round, will not be entitled to a rain check.

Power Lines: On No. 6 tee, if a tee shot strikes a power line, it may be replayed without penalty. Elsewhere, a ball striking a power line shall be deemed a rub of the green and played accordingly.

General: All guide wires, power poles, fences, bridges, tee signs, markers, ball washers, retaining walls, out-of-bounds stakes, and similar “man-made” objects, not otherwise defined above, are defined as obstructions.

Swimming Pool Rules

1. The Club Manager and his staff have complete authority to regulate conduct in and around the pool.

2. Guests may use the pool during the week if sponsored by a Member. Guests must be accompanied by a Member at all times during the weekend or holiday as set forth in the By-Laws. A fee set by the Board of Directors will be charged to any Guest entering the pool area whether swimming or not.

3. Guests age 4 and under are admitted free.

4. Members and/or Guests, using the pool area, must register with the pool house. Only Members over the age of 14 may register to use the pool area.

5. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a Member or Guest at least sixteen (16) years old.  

6. No one wearing a bathing suit or other swimwear, without appropriate cover-up, shall be permitted in the Club House, in the Pro Shop, or on the golf course.

7. Pool hours may vary from time to time and will be posted in the bathhouse and Pro Shop.

8. No one may use the diving Boards unless a qualified Lifeguard is on duty.  

9. Prior approval of the Club Manager must be obtained for private use of the pool or picnic area. A fee will be charged to include Lifeguards if necessary.


Golf Cart Rules

1. Only golf carts owned or leased by Pilot Knob Park, Inc. may be operated on the golf course.

2. Members and Guests shall not use a golf cart until registering in the Pro Shop. The Pro Shop Staff is responsible for the renting of golf carts.

3. The Club Manager and his staff may restrict the use of golf carts when the condition of the course indicates the need for such restrictions.

4. Around tees and greens, golf carts must be kept on paths at all times.  Carts must remain on cart paths beyond the 4×4 posts located approximately 50 yards before each green.  Carts must remain on cart paths on all par 3’s.  

5. Only two (2) people may ride in a golf cart at the same time unless permission is granted by the Pro Shop.

6. No one under sixteen (16) years of age may operate a golf cart at any time. A valid driver’s license is required to rent a golf cart.

7. The Member or Guest to whom a golf cart is rented shall be responsible for any damage to the golf cart, the course, or other property, through reckless, careless or negligent use of the golf cart. 

8. No golf carts may be reserved.

9. A golf cart may not be rented for more than 18 holes at a time.

10. There shall not be a group with more than one (1) single golfer riding in a cart.

11. Golfers who put their golf clubs on a golf cart while they play, either walking or riding, shall pay the full cart fee.

12. Members who rent a golf cart and have a junior Member or grandchild playing under the age of 10 years, the juniors cart is free.

13. Guests who pay cart and green fees and have a junior Guest playing under the age of 10 years, the junior Guest pays only cart fees.

14. Failure to abide by the above rules may result in loss of cart privileges.

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